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Whatever your reason for gathering, expertise level with organization or budget we can help create a special occasion and lasting memories by creating and preparing a selection of meals that your guests will never forget.

Ready to Serve

Private  & Small Group Gathering

Whatever you’re celebrating, we can help create a occasion and lasting memories.

Chef Lloyd, will create a fine dining experience right in your home or to be delivered. We believe your guests deserve the best. We prepare and serve our buffet meals with amazing flavors and impeccable presentation that satisfy all who gather.

Buffet Party

Corporate Gathering Catering

Chef Lloyd will create a memorable event for you that will leave your guests ready to sign up again. Office drop-offs, office parties, charity events, or small conferences are just some of the possibilities available.

Sliced Beef

Smoked and Jerked Meats

We provide onsite or delivered BBQ, Smoked and Jerked meats. Our BBQ trailer comes complete with our very own smoker. As lunch/dinner draws nearer, the smell of the sweet smoky BBQ or Jamaican Jerk will make your mouth water in anticipation. Not only is our BBQ authentic, we also source as locally as possible, to bring out the unique flavors of freshness that you can taste.

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