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To help loved ones rediscover what it means to 'gather' by preparing food infused with creative flavors and love while curating experiences that create memories that last a lifetime. That’s what food does for us.

Meet the Chef

Chef Lloyd Gordon Jr.

I grew up in an extended family where food was the glue that held us together and was the central point of all of our gatherings.


Since I was a little boy, I’ve had an understanding of the impact of preparing meals with love and having people gather around food to celebrate, honor, show love and gratitude for each other and all the people they care about.


I started my cooking journey by not only watching my older relatives cook and bring people together but mostly helping the best cooks I knew; my mother, and grandmothers all kids in my family were required to do.


I tried different careers but have always worked in businesses dedicated to preparing and serving food. In 2018, I decided it was time to follow my dreams and turn my passion and purpose into a business. From there, Creative Flavors Personal Chef Service was born.

When we serve our clients, we want them to feel like the heart and soul of gathering. It’s our mission to help people Rediscover the Joy of Gathering and Feasting Together. We believe that joy is for everyone and there is a seat at the table for each of you. Come gather with us.

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